Posted by Unknown on Monday, 23 May 2011

Pandanus is very familiar in our living environment. Because it’s has a lot of adventage. It’s easy foun at near shore expecially many shore in java sea. Yesterday, l walk to Pandansari beach and I found it there.

I asked with my friend that a lot of knowledge about it. What are the adventage all of this? He say that on of these is “To Prevent of Feeling Restless”.

How it can?

Yes. Pandanuss have tannin substance or pacifier substance. It’s so useful when you have any disturb from your living environment.

How to make this traditional medicine?

First, prepare two rope of fresh pandanus leaves and wash it up to clean. Slice it thinily. Add hot water on it. After a moment it s cool. Drink it directly.


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Dian Andarwati said...

this is so great! i like it so much!

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