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Indonesia takes law supremacy. It means that law must be carried at the top. It must be placed an other personal necessity. The law shouldn’t differentiate among the rich person and the poor person. Not to be influenced with bribe and politic necessity.
The law that is used to give discourage effect must takes it top. The different treatment for Miranda S. Goeltom and Wa ode Nurhayati is obviously an other display of the acute problem of injustice in the country. It bring the bad face with our government. We must symphatetic to our government especially toour leaders.
According to me the government behave fair to everyone who have law problem. All of this make bad government face to Shiite face. So there aren’t asymmetry in many society layer.

Ok, i think that all from me. Sorry if there are many mistakes. Thanks.
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Indonesia is democracy country. This country give a freedom to embrance their religion. Since Abdullrahman Wakhid ruled the government, Indonesia has six religion that are embranced by their society. But the main religion embranced is Islam. About 80 percent of Indonesia’s society hold Islam.
Islam has many branches, must respect an other branches. The main branches of Islam are Shiite and Sunni. Shiite is the official state religion of Iran, while Indonesia is the world’s most populous Sunni Muslim Majority country.
According to Suryadharma Ali, the sect of Shiite is hereticalo. We may sympathetic to this post because this statement on behalf of the government and this statement indicate that the government legitimized violation against Shiite. Indonesia that hold the motto, “BHINEKA TUNGGAL IKA” that means untity in diversity.
According to me, Suryadharma Ali shouldn’t directly accuse that Shiite is heretical. He may correct the sect, but with soft way. So there aren’t disruption among us.

How to Create a Smartest Student

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Reason                        :
1.      Everybody born as smart person,
2.      A person nothing impossible to be smart person,
3.      Everybody born as creative person, and
4.      A teacher must give motivation to their student.


A smart student always expected by many teachers in the world.  A smartest  student are look like useful people. Everybody wanna a predicate a smartest student. Our God born us as smard person. No one is stupid person. A stupid person is a person who don’t make positive thing. They a group of stupid person are weak in their effort.

Thinking positive always given by their teacher. I agree with this statement because when I apply this statement with a high confidence and my achievement will come inside me. Positive think with a igh confidence make our soul to be better soul. A high confidence must we apply to our daily life, so we will get the better way.

You must trust that everybody is creative people. They may make a difference among other. Like the Indonesia slogan, “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” that mean unity in differenity. Have you feel that you are creative person? If you haven’t, youmust create it!

Everybody has belive to their teacher. A teacher must give them many duty at home.When teacher give to their students many duties, students will study at their home.Will students study if there are no duties? NO!

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"Petapan's Beach" as The Most Beautiful Beach of Indonesia

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Last week, I visited Petapan beach. Petapan beach located at Gadingsari, Sanden, Bantul. It near Fir Cave Beach.

At Sunday morning, I woke up early about five a.m., I prepared my bicycle. A few minute later, my friend Bashori went to my house and called me. We started from my house about five-thirty a.m.. Its took thirty minutes frome my house to Petapan beach.

After we arrived there, we walked on soft sand. We found some of Jingking. We must proud to visitor, because they keep clean this beach.
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How to Manage The Bums with Best Way

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Theme             : Chenneling money to the bums should be banned!

Reason            :

  1. 1.      The bums do not educate to find their work.
  2. 2.      The bums will rely on the provision of someone.
  3. 3.      The bums do not innovate to increase their standard of living.
  4. 4.      The presence of bums increase the crime.
  5. 5.      The slums of bums increase the diseases.

In our daily life, we always find many bums expecially at the center of town. They beg for money. Have you ever met the bums who beg for money at traffic light? Seeing the condition like this, if we give them money, we do not educate them to fine their work.

There are many reason more, why I agree with, “Chenneling money to the bums should be banned.” The second is the bums will rely on the provision of someone. We know that rely on the provision of someone do not innovate them to increase their standard of living. It is the third of my reason.

The presence of bums increase the crime in our town. Some of the bums requeste by force or coercion. It is some of our reasons that make us anxious. And at the last the slums of bumbs increase the diseases.
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Believing in the impossible dream

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I would lead this country, if I were a president. If I were a president, I would repair the government. If I had repaired the government, the corruotion would have reduce. If the corruption had reduced, the citizen have been prosperous.
If the citizen had been prosperous, Indonesia would have been happy. If the citizen had been happy, the number of standard life would have increased. If the number of standard life had increasen, Indonesia would have been independent.

Let's try it guyss! Good luck!
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Hello, Friends? Here we want to tell you about this topic. This topic is about The Meaning Of Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW. Maulid Nabi Muhammad is about celebreating the birth of Our Prophet Muhammad as the last Prophet in the world. We must always respect to our Prophet.

Muhammad prophet was born on 12 Rabiuawal at the Hijriyah years. At that time is a good day around the world. Muhammad also bring many change in the world. He is a person who always obident and subject to Allah SWT. He took the instructions and teachings of Allah SWT, by Al-Quran and also by Al-Hadis. We must obey to him.

Muhammad is appointed as Rossul / Apostel when he 40 years old. That time the maturity in the lead and solve problems are very nice. So, Allah bring down Surah Al-Alaq 1-5 by Jibril angle. He received his first revelation at Hiro’ cave.

Alter the death of our Prophet Muhammad, we must emulate the struggle and perseverance during his life. Many characteristic we must follow, they are how to lead our society, minglo with fellow, the way to bring the truth and et cetera.

The celebreating of Muhammad anniversary are very glorius in many way. For example in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They celebreating with SEKATEN. Have you visited Yogyakarta Palace? If you do, what the first impression does you get? When you visited Yogyakarta Palace, I’m sure that you want came back at an other times. We do hope that you may visit Yogyakarta Palace and study the Cultural Heritage. Thanks!