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Do you know turmeric or Curcumin domestica ?

Heeeeeeeeeeemmm. Yeah. Turmeric is growth in asian region, but now is spread all over the world. It’s used in cooking as a spice, expecially in cuury. The word “turmeric” is not strange anymore. We may easy to find it in our environment. Is it?????

In everyday life, I’m so afraid with synthesis dye that spread on society. It’s contains in food. Dye is material that added in food for giving some colour so it have a lot of attraction.

Are they know all about it?

Dye is divided in two they are natural dye and synthesis dye. Natural dye have very good nutritions in it, and usually is added in traditional food. But there are not contains in syntesis dye. It’s better to you choose natural dye. I hope you want.

Turmeric or Curcumin domestica is yellow dye. It’s contaisn a lot of nutrients. Turmeric is used in yellow rice, a soup, bread ect. It’s more usefull for your development.

Let’s prove and tray. Get a lot of adventage from this articles. Read carefully and understand it as great as you can.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!

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