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Before We dig this topic, have you know the relationship of eating together with our family with the development of teenagers? Why it is happen? Try to imagine the relationshipe both of this! Have you get the answers? If you haven’t get the answers, continue to read the following text to make more understand all about this.

In this moment,
our teenager must have full of togetherness. Expecially with their family. One of the way to do this is eating together with their family. I just to remember that the food that we eat must not expensive, but must contains a lot of nutrient that needed our body. The main functions of foods are as energy producer and as builder.

Our teenager that superviveless from their parent will make bad attitude from themselves. They make bad attitude for attention from people around them. Especially for praise that they don’t get from their family. Some of them, also make themselves happy by consume cigarette and some of prohibited drugs. For example : Cannabis sativa. How fullish they are. How pity they are. How broken persons they are. Do you like it? How to prevent? Hahaha.

Frome some reason above, we must increase our togetherness with our family. It is make our teenager have good attitude. Also our nations is strong to defeats a bad thing. Do you agree? Please give comments under this text. I’m so thank ful u who have being read this text. God bless you.

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