Watermelon, The Fruit for Slim Woman

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, 8 May 2011

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Whose the women who don’t want her body trim? I’m sure that they all wanna it. But, are it’s just her whises? Without any effort? Hemm…. don’t have a great expectations if you still like it. Especially for many readers who like to eat a lot many fruits without known the nutrients inside it. Do you know watermelon fruit? Are these fruit can solve this problem?

Watermelon fruit is not strange anymore in our ears. The Latin language is Citrullus lanatus. This fruit comes from
South of America. This fruit is form oval-shaped. And it’s really big. The readers must remember that the watermelon which have a nice taste is that have the red flesh.

Now, this is the answer from the problem above. I convey the nutrient content of watermelon fruit per 100 gram:

1. kalori 28

2. protein 0.5

3. lemak 0.2

4. besi 0.002

5. Vitamin A 590 IU

6. Vitamin B1 0.0005

7. Vitamin C 0.06

8. Fosfor 0.126

9.Hydrate Charbonate 6.9

10. Calcium 0.07

HMMMMM…. How do you think? Are you still doubt to choose the watermelon as fruit with low fat?

Don’t forget! Don’t eat watermelon while it’s mixed with sugar. Poisonous.

Hopefully a quick tips above will help u to solve your problem at your weight.

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