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I’m sure that banana trees are not strenge for us anymore. It grows in our environment. It is not too hard to find it near our garden. The fruit has a sweety taste.
Have you ever been to eat it? Also it has a lot of nutrient, that contains inside these fruits. These banana trees usually grow at tropical regions. For example: India and Indonesia. To plant
these trees just needed eight up to twelve month. So our society plant these for earning money and fruit. A banana tree can reach two point five up to three point five m hight. They don’t need a special of treatment. Starting from now, let’s plant these trees. It’s also help to prevent global warming. It’s has a lot attractions.

Have you be a baby many years ago? Sure I think, isn’t it? A baby is very needed a lot of nutrient that they use for growing. Nutrient in a baby is used for a lot of variety. A mother since we were a baby, fight for a lot nutrient that they give for their children.

Mothers give nutrients assumption for their baby with ambon banana fruits. This fruit is not underestimate of their nutrient by doctor and a lot of society. Every 100 grams of banana fruit contain:
1. Vitamin A 146 (IU)
2. Vitamin B1 0.0008
3. Vitamin C 0.03
4. fFlour substance 22.05
5. Iron 0.005
6. Chalory 99
From many above informations, you are adviced to give your baby ambon banana fruit. We do hope that your baby have a good growth and development. Also we hope that a few tip from us is very useful for the readers and our world society. If you have more topic, give comments under this text. Thank you.

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