Posted by Unknown on Sunday, 15 May 2011

Every living environment is not strange any more with crocodile tonge. It’s may grow at tropical regions. It’s easy to grows because it doesn’t need a special treatment. Also it have a lot of value.

Everyone love it. Expecially a women. They use this plant as a shampoo. It’s kind of natural shampoo. It’s batter for our hair health. A lot adventage we get from using this plant. They
are :
• Make our hair are soft.
• Make our hair are strong.
• Make our hair are black health.
• Make our hair are fragrant.
• Make our hair straight (without a blend or curve)

All of these are the reason why crocodile tonge is useful as a material to make a shampoo.

How to use it???

First of all, wash your hair carefully. Take the crocodile tonge and peel it. Kneases the crocodile tonge in the surface of your hair. Wait for a moment. Finally, bath your hair anymore.

I think it’s all for this!

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