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Orange fruits always we eat in daily life. Citrus aurantium or orange is fruit that not too strange anymore. We are so easy to find it in market and supermarket. You know what is the reason why many people choose orange fruit better than an other fruit? Yes, one of the reason is because this fruit not too expensive also have a nice and sweet taste.

Have you lookes their trees? This trees have a lot of thorn. Please be careful if you touch it. If you careless, you will be hurt. These thorn is used to protect it from enemy.
How about their leaves? Sometimes it’s also added as (penyedap=in Indonesia) or something that make it have a good taste.

Orange fruit contains a lot of vitamin c. You know the taste of this fruit? The taste of this fruit is like a lemon. It’s why orange fruit can cure owr spurs. Let’s prove this quick tip! Are you still doubt? Hahaha…

I do hope that this tip help you to reduce your body from chemistry substance. I ger this tip from my habit. When I heving spurs, I eating this fruit. The result, I get better soon. Hope you get better soon too ifyou get spurs.

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