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Sometims, we fell our body in a good condition. This condition we can get if we can keep it well.May be in daily life, a lot of diseases threatened us in everywhere and everytimes. But we are inditterent to our health. One of the problem that we get is eat pattern careless. It’s very disturb our body. Expecially our kidney.

Kidney is one of the important part in our body.
It’s have a lot of functions. There are, as a filtration part, keep the balance of body liquid, keep the balance of acid capability, and base capability, and to utter the remainders of metabolism process. It’s mean that kidney so important to our body. There are a lot of diseases that happened in kidney:
• Uremia/patnol: the buried of urea in our blood.
• Albuminuria: the urin contains of albumin (blood protein.
• Kidney stone.

• Nefritis

Diseasess above is too worry for us. How to prevent it? One of the traditional medicine prove that celery can solve this problem. The celery can sweep the diseases and danger substance. Do you still doubt? Let’s learn more and prove! Consult to your doctor if you still a hard doubt.

This quick tip, hope can help you. Don’t forget to prove it! If you like it, please give comment under this text. Thank you!

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