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A person is very disturbed when they are  having a cough. They are still confused to prevent it, especially a baby. They just still crying and making confuse their parents. Also their parents still so sad. They must wake up at night when their baby cry at night. 

A cough is caused by viruses. The viruses live around in our environment. They will be infected if they are weak, still minus of protection. The viruses will be active when they infect  a human.  They infected our body especially our breath track.
A traditional medicine explain us that celery can solved this problemthrough your doubt away from your mind. Let’s back to our traditional medicine. Its more usefull and very nice.  Let’s understanding the step: 
  1. Wash 60 grams of fresh celery
  2. Then cut as much as needed.
  3. After that boiled boiled the celery in 3 cups of water
  4. Finally after a while for waiting its cool.Filter and add the honey. Use the medicine twice a day.

Okey all, this is a new traditional medicine that you must proved. I think it’s all for this section. Let’s break for another section. Thanks you so much for reading my article. Don’t forget to leave a comment. And be my follower. Thank you thank you.

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Gandra Prasad said...

Good remedy for cough... thanks for your tip... next time, when i get cough, i will try this tip..Thankyou

Mohd Asif said...

very good & thanks for providing this information
Mohd Asif
Lucknow, uttarpradesh, india
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Mohd Asif said...

how can i do the plantation of CELERY in my town place in india

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