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Hello, Friends? Here we want to tell you about this topic. This topic is about The Meaning Of Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW. Maulid Nabi Muhammad is about celebreating the birth of Our Prophet Muhammad as the last Prophet in the world. We must always respect to our Prophet.

Muhammad prophet was born on 12 Rabiuawal at the Hijriyah years. At that time is a good day around the world. Muhammad also bring many change in the world. He is a person who always obident and subject to Allah SWT. He took the instructions and teachings of Allah SWT, by Al-Quran and also by Al-Hadis. We must obey to him.

Muhammad is appointed as Rossul / Apostel when he 40 years old. That time the maturity in the lead and solve problems are very nice. So, Allah bring down Surah Al-Alaq 1-5 by Jibril angle. He received his first revelation at Hiro’ cave.

Alter the death of our Prophet Muhammad, we must emulate the struggle and perseverance during his life. Many characteristic we must follow, they are how to lead our society, minglo with fellow, the way to bring the truth and et cetera.

The celebreating of Muhammad anniversary are very glorius in many way. For example in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They celebreating with SEKATEN. Have you visited Yogyakarta Palace? If you do, what the first impression does you get? When you visited Yogyakarta Palace, I’m sure that you want came back at an other times. We do hope that you may visit Yogyakarta Palace and study the Cultural Heritage. Thanks!

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wah gak ngerti artix masbro, bingung ni mau komen apa :D


hehe, ga papa. No problem.

Unknown said...

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