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Hi EVERYONE! Do you have a tip to cure toothache? Learn my tip under!

Every normal person have a lot of teeth. They are consist of incisor, canins, premolar, and molar. They are planted on upper jaw and lower jaw. They have a good arrangement. Also they have a good shape. As this reason, these teeth can chew the food as good as their function.

A broken teeth have many reason. They are, the growth is not perfect and our teeth just have a little treatment. It’s why our teeth easy to broke. The broken tooth start from a broken email, then walks to dentin and mouth hallow.

How to cure it?

First prepare ten kentam of clove. Then fry the clove withouth oil until smooth. Finally, distribute the clove at the surface of a broken tooth.

I do hope this tip is useful for you. Don’t forget to pray to Allah for your recovery! Amien!

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