Posted by Unknown on Friday, 11 November 2011

Heroes day happend every years anually at 10 November. Remember that at 10 November 1945, many heroes in this country take a war to defend our country from colonizers. They spend their blood to flap our flag. In Indonesia, it's happend at Surabaya, one of the big city in indonesia.

To fill the HEROES day, we must do positive activity that make our country more better. For example, we study hard everyday. It's one of positive activity that you can do every day. With study hard, you can build your country. Make your country more powered. It's also build your human resource country.

Creat a new powered learning at your school and university. Do more creative thing! Let's wake up, guest! We as the youth that have the main of duty to build our country. We as the BACK OF COUNTRY must develope our ability to make our country powered!

To face our future, we must keep strugle to face it. If you still weak, you downtrodden. I remind you to PRAY ever and after. so good luck for you all! hope this Heroes day more meaning full for you!

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