Posted by Unknown on Saturday, 19 November 2011

This evening i saw the match beetwen Indonesia and Vietname. The match very tense. We looked very seriously. We don't want miss one of the games part time. Our sight just to out televisoin. Indonesian people always support Indonesia team named Young Garuda. It's the team that very wonderful in Indonesia.

The game that located in Gelora Bungkarno, is filled by Indonesian people that support Indonesian team. An other that support Indonesian team may see television an RCTI. RCTI broadcaste the game started from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm. A lot of people watched it enthusiasm because it the way of ticket to Final.

At the middle of the match, the goalkeeper of Vietname get problem at the back. He get an accident when he caught a ball at the sky. Many minuts to treat him. But Indonesian supporter wait patiently.

After many time in a tense, Petrict dashed a goal to Vietname wicket. Indonesian people very glad. The rhitm of game change very great. Indonesian face Vietname with slow tense. But Vietname face Indonesia with very hight tense.

The second goal come from TIBO or Titus Bonay. Titus Bonay is very good playmarker according to me. How about you? Do you think so? Titus Bonai get a goal with very brriliant way. The spectator dounmfounded to the goal.

We think the greates player in Football SEA GAMES 2011 are Patric and TIBO. Both of them not selfish, and want as the best alone.

Util the game is over, Indonesian team win the game. We all very glad!

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