Posted by Unknown on Friday, 4 November 2011

Hello everybody, now we still at Dzulhijjah month. Allah Almighty gives us much of reward at this that month.  One of the way to get Allah Almighty is by Arofah Fasting. Arofah fasting be held at Dzulhijjah 9th every Islamic years.This fasting very recomended for Moslem who don't go to Haji.As the history of our Prophet Muhammad SAW about arofah fasting that: "I hope to God to Abolished sin a year early and a year later."

At this occation i invite you, all to do this fasting every year. Because of the great advantage that we captured from this fasting.

Many of scholar added Tarwiyah fasting that be held on Dzulhijjah 8th every Qomariah year. It's very usefull to erase Our sin.

Good luck all!

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