Intrinsic Element of 10000 BC story

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The 10.000 BC story is very interesting story for me. I haven’t looked the story like these yet. The story tell us about the struggle D’Leh and his friends to free us these tribes that were kidnapped by The Four Legged Demonds, that were used to build a huge pyramid complex.
Actually in a story, there are many setting. They are place, time, social, and culture. In the 10.000 BC story, the place setting are in a remote mountain range and an advance civilization similar to ancient Egypt. About the time setting,  the 10.000 BC story happened 10.000 BC so it’s like the title of the story. These story happened in African cultural.
Let’s know the main characters of the story. The main characters are D’Leh, Evolet, Tic’Tic, Nakudu, Ka’Ren, Baku, and an other. D’Leh is braveman, let’s reflected D’Leh characteristic to our daily life. Evolet is kind. Tic’Tic and Nakudu, both of them are friendly. Baku and Ka’Ren, as the figures but like to make the spectator laugh.
The problems of the story begin when The Four Legged Demonds kidnapped many people of Yagahl tribes. But the main problem is “ The Four Legged Demonds kidnapping Yagahl tribes and other tribes that used as the slaves to build a huge pyramid complex.
The resolution of this story started with assault the slaves to The Almighty and The Four Legged Demonds. At this struggle D’Leh kill The Almighty and proving to other that he is not a God. During the ensuing battle, a rider kidnaps Evolet on horse back. Evolet grabs an arrow and stabs the warlordin theside.  For a moment  the ride to r shoots her in the back when D’Leh come near. The scane then returns to D’Leh still holding Evolet’s body when she suddenly awakens, restored by the wise woman’s sacrifice. And the back home together.
I’m so happy to looked the story like this. This story help me to improve my English language. An other benefit to know the BC life. This story also cheer for me. So, I like it so much.

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