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Long time ago, there lived a group of society that life together at Trimurti, Srandakan, Bantul. They lived peacefully, prosperous, and always help each other. They are led by village elder. Everyone who lived at that village always bow to the village elder.

One day, at this village happened a heavy rain for many days. Suddenly, one of that day a lightening has grabbed a coconut tree. Everyone at that village were shocked to look it. After a while, they gathered near these tree. One of village elder said, “Ana guntur. (that mean there was a lightening)” Many coconut fruits were felt. Also many coconut leaves. A coconut leaf was pierced to the ground. An hour later, one of village elder said to village youth, “Please, take the leaf from the ground!”

After the youth took the leaf from the ground, society at that place were shocked, because that ground released fire. The fire looked raddish blue. They were very confused. They though that was God devine. They didn’t want to attack God devine. Were our God want us to give this village by Guntur-Geni (it’s mean that a lightening that issued fire.)

That phenomenon always remembered by village society. They talked to their generation. They lived happily.

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