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Osis is one of the official organization that is in junior high and high school tigkat.Intra-school student council or organization is indeed the only official organizationin the pour in the Constitution. OSIS has been recognized by the government.

Osis Board was very important. Every or almost most of the great man was bornfrom the student council and campus activists. All that has been proven.

School is a place Wiyata mandala. Or that we often hear is where people learn tolearn although it could be anywhere. School is the central place of all places ofstudy. Osis pemendiknas set in the year 2008 No. 9.


Once we follow the review to the four materials, on the second day we are testedby the organizers paniti OSIS to practice material that we can on the first day.

The second day of Sports Activities. We're after the morning prayers jog or jog to the summit. So cool morning air. We are invited to see the sights around the parkmangunan fruit. So beautiful fruit garden mangunan it.

After the exercise we go to the out bound activities. OUT BOUND we are veryexciting because we are living happily. His brothers also own fun. We can pick outmany things in this bound as

the sense of cooperation
The sense of trust to a friend
intelligence berikir
Maintaining confidence in a friend

It's a lot of activity that is very useful in this Osis Inauguration. But unfortunately Ihave to go back to school to follow the tracking Tonti in the School Board. Forquite got it here first report from me. Many are less and hurt I apologize profusely.So and thank you.

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