Posted by Unknown on Saturday, 22 October 2011

Today, I had the most awfull day. It was my most awfull day since i went to the beach. Nothing was impossible that bad thing happend.

Here it happend. This morning, i gathered with my friend in MUkhlis's house. After a while in a discussion, we decide to go to The Beach By bycycle.  We started at Mukhlis's house at 7 a.m. We rode our bycycle. I haden't eat yet. How a pity I am. 

At the rood, we laught together. But we also kept our attitude in the road. We ignored a thristy. Our happinesws defeated all of everything, like thristy, hungry, tired etc. Suddenly, a bell of truck rang. A strong and muscular person  out from his truck. He was very angry because he nearly hit us.

 ASfter we arrived at parangtritis beach, we must walk for many meters. We sat infront of young coconut ice seller. Suddenly, an old woman came. She was angry caussed we sat infront of her shop.

We continued to walk . We played bwith water over there. We just laughed and laughed. We ignored our safety. No one had bad feeling that that time. Suddenly a huge wave came toward us. bWe ran away but these wave threw to coral.

It was my terrible day. Will my luck ever get better???

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