Posted by Unknown on Saturday, 15 October 2011

I have proved this topic many years. I do really hope that if you read this site, you may follow my good habit.For example, running in the morning. I wait you, if you want to prove!

Every Sunday morning, I started my activity with my best habit. This is sport by running on morning. This sport doesn't need money. This is very cheap sport. You must know, this is the best one. I got many advantage and  benefit.

After i do the activity like this, I get other better life. My cholesteroll getting out. My breathtaking are getting fluent. My blood rotation getting delecious.

Acrodding many scienitist that i have read, Running in the morning make our life more long. The analogy of  this statement, when we have sport, the supply of oxygent to our brain more fluent. So our brain always fresh. The fresh of brain make us have a long life! Good Luck!

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Dian Andarwati said...

wow,,, very good boy!

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