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Hello my friends? I come back to this site to write a kind tips being a best blog. Actually this topic is so interesting for me to share to you all. This tips is my expearance when i have blogging up to this days. It's real tips not only kidding tips. So if you want to have best blog.

To built best blog needed a lot of time. beside that we need a lot of knowledge to make better blog. A better blog is a blog that attrack International readers. Many photos also needed to more better blog. How about a personal information in our blog??? In our blog we just need a primary information that make sure to our reader about our work.

What is the criteria of a best blog? the criteria of a best blog are

  1. Have many photos on a post. A photo is used in search of google image. When google take our photo in their engines.Increase our traffic,, that right??? Trust me, friends!
  2. Template design is very simple. A simple template is very usefull to a reload our post. It's make a person who visited our blog, wants to see an other our post! The original template is suggested if you want! We suggest you to provide 5-10 post a page with read more on it. 

the example of a best blog:

The tips that you must learn to have a best blog are:

  1. Don't write a very long post. you know why, because if we write a short post, people can catch the   content of our post. that right? Keep it snappy, short, your reader get your point of content. How often have you read throught a long blog? scrolling and scrolling through someone else's babbling?????
  2. Try to write a blog with Englist language. It's one of language that an International people can understand. If you don't have the highest ability, let's get help proofeading your potsblog from your friends or family. 
  3. Keep a blogwalking! Why??? Blog walking will help you broaden your knowledge from other bloggers, learn that is good and what does not quite work.  Better blog reader make save blog writers.
  4. try to interduce some pictures in your posts cause many photos or view instantly could grab your readers attention.
  5. Pick a nice design for your blog. Make your visitor comfortable read your articles.
  6. At the last, i advise you to put a primary information not too spesific.. it's a security of blogging
Oke, i thinks it's all for now. I hope after you understanding this post, you getting a best blog. i hope after you read this post, you leave a comment. Thank you, guest!

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Adi Pradana said...

keep spirit to being a best blog. nice to meet you

Unknown said...

adi: thanks you!

Unknown said...

very useful thanks,

Unknown said...

yeah. of course, you may share your experience cause i'm newbi. thank you!

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