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Always remember that every 22 December we all People in the world have the beautifully and special day, that is called mothers's day. Mother's day always cellebrated with many creative idea. Expecially women who have the bigest symphty to their women and an other women in the world. Will you kiss your mother at the dawn when she get us? Will you make special thing for your mother? What you must do? Lern and continue to read this article please. an i hope that after you read this article you give comment and give feedback to this.

From the history of mother day. Mother's day is made when a group of women gathered in a place to held a congress that give freedom to women to express their opinion. It's one part of nasionality movement. This congress make all women is respected with other. expecially their housband, friends, son, and others.


When you wake up at that day, you must give special thing to your mother. For example a kiss. A kiss from woman's sweety make a woman very happy. THEY  need it for their spirit of life.
woman Have many role of our life.

So, dont wasted a women. ok?? Good luck for you!

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