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Every organism needs each other to full-fill their life. A very small things, sometimes we forget it. It's why? You know that bacteria is small thing that we forget their roles? Whatever it be positive or negative. In this section i invite you to give an appreciation to small organism that have a big role in our life.

Beneficial bacteria, are as follows :

  1. Antibiotic producers. Not to difficult to make antibiotic from bacteria.The process of making antibiotic from bacteria need some scientific process. So, if you want to learn how to make antibiotic from bacteria, you must choose health university. Bacillus polymixa produces polymyxin B to treat infection of Gram-negative bacteria.
  2. Soil fertilization. How the fate of soil if there aren't of bacteria? In soil fertilization, bacteria have role to parse the soil from many pollutant.  There is a example from me, Nitrosococcus and Nitrosomonas produce nitrate ion that have function in process called nitrify cation.
  3. Chemical production such as buthanol and acetonen by Clostridium acetobutylicium.

So we can conclude that, "Some of the beneficial bacteria in organism life are food and drink fermentation, soil fertilization, antibiotic production and etc."

A big of bacteria at human life is very great!

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