How to Create a Smartest Student

Posted by Unknown on Monday, 18 June 2012

Reason                        :
1.      Everybody born as smart person,
2.      A person nothing impossible to be smart person,
3.      Everybody born as creative person, and
4.      A teacher must give motivation to their student.


A smart student always expected by many teachers in the world.  A smartest  student are look like useful people. Everybody wanna a predicate a smartest student. Our God born us as smard person. No one is stupid person. A stupid person is a person who don’t make positive thing. They a group of stupid person are weak in their effort.

Thinking positive always given by their teacher. I agree with this statement because when I apply this statement with a high confidence and my achievement will come inside me. Positive think with a igh confidence make our soul to be better soul. A high confidence must we apply to our daily life, so we will get the better way.

You must trust that everybody is creative people. They may make a difference among other. Like the Indonesia slogan, “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” that mean unity in differenity. Have you feel that you are creative person? If you haven’t, youmust create it!

Everybody has belive to their teacher. A teacher must give them many duty at home.When teacher give to their students many duties, students will study at their home.Will students study if there are no duties? NO!

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