"Petapan's Beach" as The Most Beautiful Beach of Indonesia

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Last week, I visited Petapan beach. Petapan beach located at Gadingsari, Sanden, Bantul. It near Fir Cave Beach.

At Sunday morning, I woke up early about five a.m., I prepared my bicycle. A few minute later, my friend Bashori went to my house and called me. We started from my house about five-thirty a.m.. Its took thirty minutes frome my house to Petapan beach.

After we arrived there, we walked on soft sand. We found some of Jingking. We must proud to visitor, because they keep clean this beach.

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Algo Wijaya said...

But i think, trisik beach is more beautifull then petepans beach. Hoho


algo: petapan beach is more origin than trisik beach. i can say this because i have been visited both of them!

SIN said...

kunjungan pertama + follow... ditunggu kunbalnya kak. thx


@sin: oke.welcome to my mine.thanks!

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