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When we observe water, we know that water will never emty. They just move from a place to other place or direction. It's named water cycle.

Water cycle happend in the most of the day. When we do work, sleep, take a rest,. but water cycle never stop to rotate. How happend if the water in in our earth not rotated? Will there are many water still uppon the land?

There are many proccess happend when eater cycle rotate. The process walk through the earth rotated and the time walk as good as usual. they are evaporating have been formend cloud and rain . This process happend day and day. mounth and mounth, year and year. It's very fantastic for you to know.

Started from evaporating. The water uppon the land and the water in the sea even through in the ocean catch the lightening from sun. They evaporate through that process.

After the water evaporating and fly to the air, if the water evaporating reach the sky, they made cloud. A group of cloud and an other cloud to associated one to be a big and dark. It's ilustrated with a family of cloud that doing their activity. Time by the time the cloude change to the dark cloud. It's make a sign that there is a problem in a cloud family.

The dark cloud that still in problem still cry. Sometimes, when in the earth get the cloud dry and usullay we named as rain. We are disturbed, actually we feel disturb when we do a significancant activity.

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Air mengalir tiada tertara tanpa ujung tanpa pangkal

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