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Hello every body, we have pass a new year anymore. New year, have many impression that difference time by the times. New atmosphare we get in this new year. But now, i want to tell you some of my experience that i pass with many impression every year. Expecially a lot of my experiences at the last year.

Last year, when i face a new year i prepares everything to celebrate new year. i negotiate with all my friend's environment. Yeahhh,, we celebrate with grilled chicken in my friends' house. At the last day of that year, we slaughter many chicken at the afternoon. Hemmm,, the one that very i remmember when i wash the intestine of the chickens. It's very replusive. Very shoulder sting. An then, we wash all of the meat that produced by the chicken that we grilled.

At the evening of the last day of new year, we prepare the furnance of the fire. We burn many charcoal to increase of big fire and suitable of fire to burn our chickens meat that have we prepare before. After a while of preparing a fire, we grilled the meat. Many spicess we mix on the seasoning to make the chicken meat grill more delecious and attractive.

After many meat that we grilled have done and ready to serve, we wash our hands. We eat together to full fill our stomach. At this section, we advance to women to take a rice first. It's one of a sign to respect with women. A man, prepare a cup of tea for woman. Wooooow, interesting. That right?

We eat together. Many criticiam from our friends about the taste of the meat. hemm,,, many meat are burnt. The taste rather dissapointing. But many meat are very delecious. At the eating together, we accompanied with a cup of tea. We feel very fresh to laugh.

The time belong to 12.00, the mid night of the new year. Before that we going to PASEBAN (a place to gether for many young in our town) to burn firework. At 12.00 exact, the firework is burning. DOOOOOR.... DOOOOORR.......DOOOOOOORRRRRRR...... Many people looked to the sky. A sparkling light on the sky mark the year is change. from the year before to the next year..

We were very happy at that time. After looked a fireWALLs party, we rotated with our motorcycle  in our city. So glad with rain that felt at that time. That time very cool and very impressionist.

The event like new year, may we take a positive part of this. Not only wast our money, but also refresh our mind from a full study. A togetherness one with our friends, our familly, and our society around us. Will you new year meaning full for the next time? I do hope so, please prepare yourself to be a impressionist new year ever and after.

It's my story this year,, how about you story? you may share in the comment area below. thank you, guest!

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