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Do you know microscope???
Hem…….. Yeah. Antonio van Leeuwenhoek invented this sciencetool. He come from Netherlands. He was born on October 24th 1632. In Delft, Netherlands. This tool is very useful for science development. He rearranged this tools perfectly with a good shape.
Microscope helps our sense to look small or microscopis thing that can not we look with bare eyes. With an other words, that microscope helps every organism to do observation with microscopis thing. There are many kinds of microscope:
1.    Light microscope
Is microscope that use light or shine as a main source of lightening. It has two lens, they are objective lens and okuler ens.
2.    Stereo microscope
Is a microscope that can used for bigger object.
3.    Elektron Microscope
Is a microscope that have “Perbesaran” up to 100.000. Elektron as substitute of lightening.

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