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Do you know Mango fruit?

Yes, I think. Mango or Mangifera indica may we see in our living environment. It’s come from India. It has yellow flesh when it’s ripe and has a good taste. The skin of this fruit is green and sometime yellow when it’s ripe.

How about the shape of plant?
These tree may have the hight up to 600 meters on the sea surface. It has cambium so it’s dicoteledon. It’s reproducted in a lot of way. The trunk have brown colour. The leave have green colour. The root is used to support it to stand straightly.

You know why mango or Mangifera indica can cure cancer?

This is creative idea from scientist. Mango is trusted have source of carotenoid that called “beta crytoxantin” they are defeated or exterminated cancer.

Good luck! Let’s learn more and prove it! Thank you!

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