Posted by Unknown on Saturday, 17 September 2011

After i posted the articles of:

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but now i post this article for you. I wanna post THE RELATION OF SLEEP WITH OUR ACHIVEMENT. 

Let's look to our habit! We may look bad habits and nice habit. Let's differentiate both o them! I hope after you read this artikel, you may get one of an adventage.
Sleep save youy energy. It’s save your oxygen that flow to your mind. In sleeping, we also develop our ability.
I advice you to take a rest in the afternoon and sleep early. Don’t forget to wake up early too. I’m sure. It’s the way you get your success.

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Pijan Vijan said...

Gmana angKat Blog Nya Bro...?????

TRIKSTAR said...

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Unknown said...

to pijan: saya masih bingung nich! saya blogger pemula, , apa yang harus saya lakukan???

to: ide yang sangat bagus. terimakasih ya, masukannya?

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